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Who We Are.

Video About Our Story

Enfold Ministry was formed in 2004.  Please view our video to take a look at our history and how God has blessed us to be a blessing for the people of Haiti.


Shoe Drive

Enfold Ministry provides shoes to the orphans of Gonaives, Haiti.  Our goal is to put shoes on orphans so that they will not become sick from walking in garbage and diseased areas.

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Christian Education

Enfold Ministry’s goal is to provide a place for people and children of Haiti to praise and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are on a mission to help our orphanage build a community where children can be fed, clothed, and educated.  We have a drive to raise funds to donate generators for the Gonaives community, so they can provide necessary lighting in buildings and churches.

Giving Rate

Generator Contributions

Our mission is to donate generators for the orphanage we support.  They are in need of generators to provide lighting at the orphanage and churches.  Your support could help our mission provide the need for lighting the community.

Giving Rate

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

Enfold Ministry needs your thoughts, your prayers and your financial contributions in order to provide needed support for our orphanage. Our organization is a vessel that provides energy, life and hope to the people of Gonaives.

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Meet The Team

James Birch

James Birch founded Enfold Ministry in 2004

Pastor Thomas Staples

Enfold Ministry Founder

Sidney Jennings

Enfold Ministry Founder