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Generator Fundraiser

We at Enfold Ministry consider it an honor and privilege to have partnered with the Genada’s in ministry over the years. Pastor Juanito and sister Rose have proven to be community caretakers. If the Genada’s have it, the community has it. I remember a few years ago pastor Genada had a bakery where bread was baked daily and given to the community that ended up becoming a tremendous cost to the ministry. Pastor wanted to keep it open just because it provided employment for the three deaf workers employed there. It is this heart and mindset that we love and adore and therefore are delighted to assist in raising funding for a new generator.

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This generator provides power to the pump and filtration system that provides pure drinking water to the surrounding community. This generator provides power for the church building where there are a few electric fan to help circulate air and relieve some of the heat and humidity, a PA system for worship service, and multiple wall receptacles for the people to charge phones and other electronics. Phones are not necessarily a luxury in Haiti, more of a necessity. The generator powers the school, bible college and orphanage. This generator also provides power for the main pump that pumps water from the cistern to the water tanks on the roof of the orphanage and main compound where missionary teams and guest shower and use toilet facilities.
There are many other uses for the power generated by this essential piece of equipment.

Your help and generosity is greatly appreciated. For more information feel free to contact us at (904)910-2723 or donate today!

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